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5 Ways to Get High Without Smoking

5 Ways to Get High Without Smoking

Smoking isn't everyone's cup of tea. This comprehensive guide explores various smoke-free alternatives for enjoying cannabis, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Smoking isn't everyone's cup of tea. This comprehensive guide explores various smoke-free alternatives for enjoying cannabis, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes.


Wednesday, July 19, 2023


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1. Edibles: A Delicious Way to Consume Cannabis

Edibles are cannabis-infused food items, allowing you to consume cannabis without having to smoke it. From THC-infused brownies to gummies, the options are virtually limitless.

Edibles offer a potent and powerful way to consume cannabis. However, they might take longer to kick in compared to smoking or vaping. It's crucial to start with a low dose and gradually increase it as needed.

Pros of Edibles

  • Wide variety of options

  • No smoke involved

  • Potent effects

  • Long-lasting effects

Cons of Edibles

  • Longer onset time

  • Hard to gauge dosage

  • Can contain a lot of sugar

2. Pills, Capsules, and Tablets: A Traditional Approach

Cannabis pills, capsules, and tablets offer a traditional, non-smoking way to consume cannabis. They allow for precise dosing, which can be particularly beneficial for medicinal users.

Pros of Pills, Capsules, and Tablets

  • Precise dosing

  • No smoke involved

  • Easy to consume

Cons of Pills, Capsules, and Tablets

  • Can be expensive

  • Limited variety

3. Cannabis Powder: A Quick and Easy Option

Cannabis powder is a form of powdered THC that can be easily dissolved in water, much like a sports supplement. It offers a quicker onset than traditional edibles.

Pros of Cannabis Powder

  • Quick onset

  • Easy to consume

  • Precise dosing

Cons of Cannabis Powder

  • May not be available everywhere

  • Taste may not be appealing to all

4. Transdermal Patches: For Extended Release

Transdermal cannabis patches allow cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. They are particularly useful for extended release, and can be removed if any side effects occur.

Pros of Transdermal Patches

  • Extended release

  • Easy to use

  • Can be removed if necessary

Cons of Transdermal Patches

  • May cause skin irritation

5. Vapes: A Smokeless Alternative

Vaporizers heat cannabis to a level that releases cannabinoids and other compounds into the air, producing a vapor that is then inhaled. Vaping is more discreet and easier on the lungs than smoking.

Pros of Vaping

  • Discreet

  • Less harmful to the lungs than smoking

  • Potent effects

Cons of Vaping

  • Can be expensive

  • May still cause throat or lung irritation

6. Tinctures: A Concentrated Extract

A cannabis tincture is a concentrated extract made by soaking the flowers and/or leaves in a solvent like alcohol. It allows for precise dosing down to a single drop.

Pros of Tinctures

  • Precise dosing

  • Quick onset

  • Long shelf-life

Cons of Tinctures

  • Taste may not be appealing to all

  • Can be expensive

7. Cannabis Topicals: For Localized Relief

Cannabis topicals like balms, gels, and lotions can be applied directly to the skin for localized relief from pain, muscle aches, and more.

Pros of Topicals

  • Localized relief

  • No psychoactive effects

Cons of Topicals

  • Lower bioavailability than other methods

  • May not provide systemic effects

8. Concentrates: A Potent Option

Cannabis concentrates are products that contain a high concentration of cannabinoids. They can be consumed through dabbing, vaping, or adding to edibles or smokes.

Pros of Concentrates

  • High potency

  • Variety of options

Cons of Concentrates

  • May be too intense for some users

  • Can increase tolerance

9. Comparison: Edibles vs Smoking

While smoking cannabis offers an almost instantaneous effect, edibles take longer to kick in but provide a longer-lasting effect.

10. Comparison: Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping and smoking cannabis offer similar effects, but vaping is considered less harmful to the lungs and is more discreet than smoking.


Whether due to health concerns or personal preference, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking. From edibles and tinctures to topicals and vapes, there's a method for everyone.

However, it's important to remember that this guide is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new treatment regimen.